August 12, 2020 Volume XXXVII

Strip Festival

We have a new event coming up this October which will be part of our National Gathering.

On Thursday and Friday we will be running another Formation Flight training seminar this time hosted by the old AYA Formation Flying Director, Gregg ‘Whizz’ Wilson.

Come and join us for one great party before we get ready for our winter hibernation.

Damaging Your Plane

We have a member who just got his airplane all fixed up and then had a hard landing and went off the runway damaging the plane. He is fine and the plane is now totaled. Please be careful.

Prop Pickup

What a lousy job it is when you boss tell you to fly and pick up a prop from the prop shop and you pay for his fuel to fly. What a tough job!


We finally after 4 years got time to reorganize and do the YouTube Playlists to help you find videos.

Company Store redo

We also redid the company store so that now your can find our items easier, take a look.


We sent a team to help recover a plane that had a bad landing. Enjoy the video.





Well we are 6 years old now. Here is how we got started.

March 24-30, 2014 Gadsen, AL

April 8, 2014 Website created by Steve Williams who gave keys to Roscoe.

Founder Gathering Rough River, 2014


Hope to see all of ya’ll in October.