Magazine Articles

Over the years many articles have been written about this special line of aircraft.  We will continue to find new articles, and if you have any hanging around, send them along.  Enjoy these in the meantime.

FLYING, November 1967, English
FLYING, December 1971, English
Plane and Pilot, February 1972, English
FLYING, September 1972, English
FLYING, December 1973, English
Private Pilot – Reprint , December 1974, English
Air Progress – Reprint, February 1975, English

Flying, February 1975, English
Plane and Pilot, May 1975, English
Plane and Pilot – Cougar, May 1975, English
FLYING, July 1975, English
AviaNews, September, 1975, French/English
Plane and Pilot, November, 1975, English
Plane and Pilot FF Article, November, 1975, English
Air Progress, June 1976, English
Plane & Pilot, July 1976, English
FLYING, September 1976, English
FLYING, October 1976, English
Private Pilot, January 1977, English
Plane and Pilot, February 1977, English
Air Progress, August 1977, English
Plane and Pilot, September 1977, English
AOPA Pilot, July 1978, English
AOPA Pilot, April 1980, English
AOPA Pilot, June 1982, English
Sport Aviation, August 1985, English
Aviation Digest, November 1986, English
Private Pilot, January 1987, English
Plane and Pilot, November 1988, English
Aero, July 1988, English
AOPA Pilot, April, 1989, English
The Aviation Consumer, July 15, 1989, English
Private Pilot, August, 1989, English
AOPA Pilot, July 1990, English
Private Pilot, August 1990, English
AOPA Pilot, October 1991, English
Plane and Pilot, December 1991, English
AOPA Pilot, May 1999, English
AOPA Flight Training, September 1999, English
FLYING, September 1999, English
Plane and Pilot, September 2001, English
INFO_PILOTE, November 2008, French
Aviation Consumer, August 2017, English

Aviation Consumer Used Aircraft Guide, August 1975, English