Service Letter Index

Number Title Aircraft Affected
SL-1968-1 Availability of Service Bulletins and Service Letters


Control System Improvements, Bungee Mounting & Rudder Bearing AA1 (See List)
SL-1970-1 Canopy Attach Screw Inspection AA1-0001 thru AA1-0032
SL-1970-3 Wheel Fairing Installation AA1 (All)
SL-1970-4 Canopy Improvements AA1 (All)

Landing Gear Inspection AA1 (All)

General System Improvements (Seat, Canopy, Gear, etc) AA1, AA1A (See List)

Cabin Floor Inspection and Modification AA1, AA1A (See List)

Rudder/Elevator Rib Rivnut Inspection

AA1, AA1A (See List)

Defroster Outlet Design Improvement AA1, AA1A (See List)

Battery Box Cover Modification AA1, AA1A (See List)

Bungee Inspection AA1, AA1A (All)
SL-1971-12 Carburetor Air Valve Screw Inspection

AA1, AA1A (All)
SL-1971-13 General Improvements/Relocations/Installations AA1, AA1A, AA5(See List)
SL-1972-1 Propeller Care and Operation Limits AA1, AA1A (All)
SL-1972-2 Rudder Riggings AA1, AA1A (All)
SL-1972-6 Fuel Quantity and Fuel Quick Drain Placards AA1A, AA1B, AA5 (See List)
SL-1972-8A Canopy Trim Retrofit AA5-0002 thru AA5-0154
SL-1974-2 Bondline Inspection Procedures (All)
SL-1974-3 Flap, Nose Strut, Torque Tube Repair, Avco Lycoming AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5 (See List)
SL-1974-4 General Modification/Installations/Improvements AA1, AA1A, AA1B (See List)
SL-1974-5 Sealing/Improvement/Replacement/Protection AA5 (See List)
SL-1974-6 Buss Bar/Bearing Collar Clearance AA1B, AA5 (See List)
SL-1974-7 Parking Brake Rigging

AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5 (All)
SL-1975-1 Improved Anti-Shimmy Washer AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5, AA5B (See List)
SL-1975-2 Replacement Batteries, Battery Box Cover Inspection

AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5, AA5B (See List)
SL-1975-3 Improved Front Seat Bottom AA5, AA5B (See List)
SL-1975-4 Landing Light Replacement AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5 (See List)
SL-1975-5 Vendor Service Publications AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5, AA5B (All)
SL-1975-6 Spinner Bulkhead Preload AA5B-0001 thru AA5B-0040
SL-1975-7 Improved Fuel Level Visibility AA1, AA1A, AA1B (All)
SL-1975-8 Flap Bondline Inspection

AA5, AA5A, AA5B (See List)
SL-1975-9 Spark Plug Lead Fouling (All)
SL-1975-10 Parking Brake Improvement AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5, AA5A, AA5B (See List)
SL-1975-11 Exhaust Stack/Cowl Clearance AA5B-0001 thru AA5B-0192
SL-1976-1 Telex Microphone Replacement AA1B, AA5, AA5A, AA5B (See List)
SL-1976-2 Vendor Service Publications AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5, AA5B (All)
SL-1977-1 Engine Primer O-Ring Replacement AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5, AA5A, AA5B (See List)
SL-1977-2 Magneto Lead Isolation and Routing (All)
SL-1977-3 Canopy Lock Release Lever Placard AA5, AA5A, AA5B (See List)
SL-1977-4 Replacement of Induction Air Filter Assembly AA5B-0001 thru AA5B-0549
SL-1978-1 Improved Sunvisor Material AA5A, AA5B – All Equipped
SL-1978-2A AA5 Series Fuel Sump Tank Repair AA5, AA5A, AA5B (All)
SL-1978-3 New Service and Accessory Kits AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5, AA5A, AA5B (See List)
SL-1978-4 Narco Avionics Service Bulletin ELT-10 #10 AA1C, AA5A, AA5B (See List)
SL-1978-5 Upholstery Replacement/Herculon Material AA1B, AA5, AA5A, AA5B (See List)
SL-1979-2 Carburetor Mixture Control Retainer AA5B (All)
SL-1979-3 Improved Method of Sealing Accelerator Pump and Economizer Rods
to reduce Throttle Friction
AA5B with Carburetor up to and including CH-17-2426
SL-1979-4 TCP Fuel Additive AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA1C, AA5, AA5A, AA5B (All)
SL-1980-1 Service Kit SK-150, Autopilot Reactivation AA5, AA5A, AA5B (All)
SL-1981-1 Replacement of Induction Air Filter AA1, AA5, AA5A, AA5B (See List)
SL-1993-1 Outboard Bearing Bracket Assembly AA5, AA5A, AA5B (All)
SL-1993-3 Placards AA5B, AG5B (All)
SL-2002-1 Fuel Gauge Wire Routing AG5B 10201-10211
SL-2003-3 Outboard Wing Spar Attach Bolts AG5B (See List)

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