Service Kit Index

Number Title Aircraft Affected
SK-100 Bonding All
SK-102A Potting Kit All
SK-105 Engine Cooling System Modification AA1 (See List)
SK-106 Exhaust System Modification AA1-0001 thru AA1-0159
SK-107A Removal of Nose Spring Tensioner, Superceded by SL 1975-1

AA1 (Yankees)

SK-108 Upper Main Landing Modification AA1 (See List)
SK-109A Spinner/Back Plate Modification

AA1 (See List)
SK-110 Cabin Floor Honeycomb Repair AA1, AA1A (See List)
SK-111 Rudder/Elevator Tip Rib Modification AA1, AA1A (See List)
SK-112C Integral Fuel Tank Sealing Kit AA5 Series (All)
SK-113 Defroster Improvement AA5-0002 thru AA5-0010
SK-114 Front Seat Improvements AA5-0001 thru AA5-0089
SK-115 Front Seat Mounting Modification AA5-0010 thru AA5-0093
SK-117 Flap Position Indicator Modification AA5-0001 thru AA5-0140
SK-118-1 Large Pulley Installation – 2-Place Control
AA1, AA1A, AA1B (See List)
SK-118-2B Large Pulley Installation – AA5 Control
AA5-0001 thru AA5-0209
SK-119 Shock Mount Kit – Small Wheel Fairing AA1, AA1A (All with Fairings)
SK-120-1A Carburetor Airbox Improvements

AA5-0001 thru AA5-0070
SK-120-2 Carburetor Airbox Bearing Replacement Kit AA5-0071 and On
SK-121A Control Surface Torque Tube Repair Kit AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5 (All)
SK-122B Headliner Replacement – 2-Place Aircraft AA1, AA1A, AA1B (See List)
SK-123A Headliner Replacement – 1972 AA5 AA5-0001 thru AA5-0154
SK-124 Headliner Replacement – 1973 AA5 AA5 (See List)
SK-125A U-Channel Installation on Control Surface
Trailing Edge
SK-126B Fuel tank Cover Sealing Kit AA5 Series (All)
SK-127 Export Aircraft Assembly Kit (All)
SK-130 Throttle Cable Clamp Modification AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5

(See List)

SK-131 Canopy Track Interchange AA1, AA1A, AA1B (See List)
SK-133 Induction Air Filter Assembly Replacement

AA5B (See List)
SK-139 Landing Gear Forged Fork Installation AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5, AA5A, AA5B
SK-140A Integral Fuel Tank Repairs AA5 Series (All)
SK-143 Propeller Spinner Replacement

AA5 Series (All)
SK-144 Aileron Torque Tube Modification AA5A, AA5B (See List)
SK-145 Mechanical Fuel Pump Replacement

AA1, AA5, AA5A, AA5B (All)
SK-146 Improved Flap Actuator AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA1C (All)
SK-147 Beacon Flasher Unit Installation

SK-148 Aileron Outboard Support Assembly Replacement (All)
SK-150 Aileron Modification AA5 Series (All)
SK-151 Throttle Cable Support Bracket Replacement AG5B 99998, 10000-10033
SK-152 Fuel Primer Line Replacement AG5B 99998, 10000-10033
SK-153 Fuel Selector Valve Replacement

AA5 Series, AG5B (All)
SK-154 Fuel Pump and Hose Replacement AG5B 10000-10130
SK-155 Wing Gap Strap Modification AA1 Series, AA5 Series (all)
SK-156-FLETCHAIR Instrument Panel Toggle Switch Replacement

AA1 Series, AA5 Series (all)
SK-156-TIGER AIRCRAFT Improved Throttle Cable Installation AG5B Series (All)

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