AA1 or the Yankee

‘One Hot Yankee’ describes the first plane off the American Aviation production line. It was hot because:

It flew Hot like a fighter, fast and responsive
It was Hot Looking with very sexy lines
It was Hot because you had almost no airflow on your ankles cause there were no NACA scoops in the sides of the fuselage and the solar heating through the canopy was fierce. So most flew canopy open a few inches even in winter.

Whatever you called it, it was FUN to fly!

O-235-C2C TCDS
McCauley TCDS

AA1 Propeller ADs
031317 051411
AA1 Engine ADs
750809 802502R2 811804R2 900406R1 911422
950310 960910 981711 981711C1 041014
AA1 Airframe ADs
700505 702505 710403 720602 720710
731307 750704 750907 761703 781304
AK-101 SB-106 SK-100 SL-1968-1
AK-102A SB-113 SK-102A SL-1969-1A
AK-103A SB-114A SK-105 SL-1969-1A
AK-104A SB-115 SK-107A SL-1970-3
AK-105A SB-116 SK-108 SL-1970-4
AK-106B SB-117 SK-109A SL-1970-5
AK-107B SB-118 SK-110 SL-1971-4
AK-108A SB-119 SK-111 SL-1971-5
AK-109C SB-120 SK-118-1 SL-1971-7
AK-110B SB-121 SK-119 SL-1971-8
AK-111D SB-123 SK-121A SL-1971-9
AK-112A SB-127A SK-122B SL-1971-11
AK-113B SB-130 SK-125A SL-1971-12
AK-114 SB-131 SK-127 SL-1971-13
AK-115 SB-133 SK-130 SL-1972-1
AK-116 SB-134 SK-131 SL-1972-2
AK-117B SB-138 SK-139 SL-1974-2
AK-118A SB-142 SK-145 SL-1974-3
AK-119B SB-143 SK-146 SL-1974-4
AK-120A SB-144A SK-147 SL-1974-7
AK-123 SB-146 SK-148 SL-1975-1
AK-126 SB-147 SK-155 SL-1975-2
AK-130 SB-149 SK-156-FLETCHAIR SL-1975-4
AK-132 SB-151 SL-1975-5
SB-155 SL-1975-7
SB-155A SL-1975-9
SB-161 SL-1975-10
SB-173 SL-1976-2
SB-174 SL-1977-1

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