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Can I create a gathering event?  As a member yes you can and are encouraged to do so.

Can I help?  We are a volunteer group and any help you can provide, information or documentation related to our planes will be greatly appreciated by all.

What is an AD?  AD stands for ‘Airworthiness Directive’ and are issued on aircraft components (props, engine, accessories, and airframes) when there is a safety issue involved.

When and where is the next National Gathering of the GPA?  Check on the Gatherings page for all events.

Are there any Events in my area?  Check the ‘Gathering’ page for upcoming events.  Consider hosting an event in your area.

I am thinking of buying my first plane, any hints or secrets?  Yes, the is plenty within and you can post questions.  To be complete, call one of the Gurus and see what they have to say.

Are you a complete newbie to Grummans? Well if you are let me quote ‘FounderGreg Amy:

There’s a couple of good technical resources for these cats.

First, there’s the Grumman Gang, an email list. This MailMan list has been going for two decades now and is chock-full of most-excellent information. A lot of it is redundant these days (I’ve been on it since its beginning, so nothing is new anymore) and the Gang seems to be more concerned with avionics, autopilots, and fancy wheel pants than actually maintaining, flying, and improving the airplanes. And there are know-it-all personalities that are far more interested in bloviating then being helpful. But that’s the old cynical bitch in me.

Regardless, all the gurus hang out there. If you can deal with ignoring the fluff then there are choice enough tidbits to make it worthwhile. Sign up here: http://grumman.net/

The Gang also has an email archive, with all of our prior discussions of the last 20+ years. If we could only find a way to monetize that… http://www.grumman.net/archive/

Another good technical source is Bondline.Org. This site was put together by one of the Grumman gurus, Bob Steward, who unfortunately passed away a couple years ago. Though he’s gone, the system has a wiki that we should all be maintaining ourselves: http://bondline.org/wiki/Bondline

That should make for a good start…