What’s it all about?  One word, Community. A common unity of passion for our planes!

A community of support, information, flying, and most of all, FUN! Remember fun?

We are owners of Grummans, we fly them, we fix them, we care for them, we love them. We love to share our passion with others of a like mind by getting involved. We make this group what we want, each member, one at a time. We desire to be an all-inclusive support group, not a “club”. Come and play with us.

Members can host flyins and supply the photos and text to display it on the web. They also spread the word about the GPA. Our passion does really shine through.

GPA has a YouTube Channel, Grumman Pilots with many videos of maintenance on our planes. Check it out!

Bondline is there for posting articles and pictures related to our planes.  Tons of information about our planes and how to work on them, all for free.

The Grumman Gang is a great medium for sharing of text messages and information.  GPA will be the social glue.

The ‘Grumman Line’ was created by Jim Bede, who had a unique sense of humor, and we are proud to carry that banner yet today. We are Grumman, and our magic is strong!

John Cotter created this pdf about Jim Bede. Jim Bede – The Plane Truth