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587 Videos

Title                                                                                      Runtime               Date

Vacuum System Components – Grumman Style2:3004/14/18
Yankee Project – Grumman Style2:5104/11/18
EGT Temp Difference – Grumman Style0:4304/11/18
Outboard Rib Fuel Leak – Grumman Style1:2404/07/18
Broken Transponder Antenna – Grumman Style1:0904/07/18
Wrong Hoses – Grumman Style2:0104/06/18
Propeller Issue – Grumman Style2:2704/06/18
Air and Space – Grumman Style0:5104/01/18
4-Place Console – Grumman Style1:2503/28/18
Canopy Airlock – Grumman Style1:2803/27/18
ADC Oil Cooler Adapter – Grumman Style1:1703/27/18
Engine Removal – Grumman Style2:4903/20/18
Lifetime vs Aeroquip Hoses – Grumman Style1:4003/20/18
Purple Glue – Grumman Style0:3603/20/18
Canopy Install Part 7 – Grumman Style3:0303/19/18
Canopy Install Part 6 – Grumman Style2:2903/17/18
Canopy Install Part 5 – Grumman Style4:1103/17/18
2-Place Preflight – Grumman Style7:1603/17/18
4-Place Preflight – Grumman Style12:2303/17/18
Two Mystery Parts – Grumman Style1:4503/16/18
Rope Caulk Explained – Grumman Style1:5103/16/18
Canopy Install Part 1 – Grumman Style2:1003/16/18
Canopy Install Part 2 – Grumman Style3:2803/16/18
Canopy Install Part 3 – Grumman Style3:4203/15/18
Canopy Install Part 4 – Grumman Style3:1503/16/18
New Windshield and Rear Windows – Grumman Style1:3503/15/18
Rear Window Install – Grumman Style1:3503/15/18
Canopy Install Prep – Grumman Style1:5603/15/18
Alternative to Skytec Master Relay – Grumman Style2:0203/15/18
Window Color – Grumman Style1:3803/14/18
Paint Touchup – Grumman Style1:3303/14/18
Shoulder Harness Bracket – Grumman Style1:2103/14/18
Drilling Plexiglass – Grumman Style2:5503/14/18
Windshield Trimming – Grumman Style3:0603/14/18
Windshield Clamping – Grumman Style2:5103/14/18
Broken Panel Brace – Grumman Style1:4203/14/18
Windshield First Fit – Grumman Style4:3803/13/18
Painting Your Bow – Grumman Style1:4103/13/18
Cleaning Windshield Sealant – Grumman Style1:5003/13/18
Rejex Surface Polish – Grumman Style1:2603/12/18
Engine Mayonnaise – Grumman Style1:3403/12/18
Yankee Muffler – Grumman Style1:3103/12/18
New 2K Paint – Grumman Style2:1403/10/18
Powerflow Caution – Grumman Style2:2303/10/18
ElectroAir Warranty Support – Grumman Style2:1003/10/18
AG5B Side Speakers – Grumman Style1:2503/10/18
Something Not Quite Right – Grumman Style1:4903/10/18
Cylinder Misfire Troubleshooting – Grumman Style1:5303/07/18
Canopy Latch Adjustment – Grumman Style3:0303/07/18
Oil Leak – Case Bolts – Grumman Style2:0803/07/18
Canopy Latch Post Assembly – Grumman Style2:2703/05/18
2-Place Solar Shield – Grumman Style1:1103/05/18
Spark Plug Reach – Grumman Style1:0703/05/18
Borescopes – Grumman Style2:5203/04/18
Windshield Prep – Grumman Style3:0403/04/18
Windshield Removal – Grumman Style15:5503/03/18
Bad Canopy and Double-Bead Seal – Grumman Style1:4903/03/18
Flame Tube Borescope – Grumman Style2:0103/03/18
Propeller Leading Edge – Grumman Style1:3903/03/18
Canopy Track Problem – Grumman Style – Grumman Style1:3803/03/18
Front Strut Profile – Grumman Style – Grumman Style1:3703/03/18
EIS 61000 1M Install – Grumman Style – Grumman Style10:1303/02/18
New Yoke Emblems – Grumman Style1:3503/01/18
New Air Hose – Grumman Style1:2902/28/18
ElectroAir Switch Panels – Grumman Style1:2102/27/18
Dual Camera Ports – Grumman Style0:5602/26/18
No Blow Gasket Failure – Grumman Style1:1102/24/18
Flame Tube Failure – Grumman Style1:4402/24/18
Bead Clamp Install – Grumman Style2:3202/24/18
Thermal/Visual Flight Testing – Grumman Style28:0002/21/18
Thermal/Visual Wright Brothers Hangar – Grumman Style10:3302/21/18
Bellville Washers – Grumman Style1:5002/21/18
Painting Your Airplane – Grumman Style23:3702/18/18
Battery Relocation Aft – Grumman Style5:1802/16/18
Front Strut & Fork Assembly – Grumman Style7:5902/15/18
Step Peg Plugs Top & Bottom – Grumman Style2:4902/13/18
Rudder Cap Options – Grumman Style2:4602/13/18
Aluminum vs Steel Prop Spacer – Grumman Style2:3002/13/18
Uses for a Dead Cylinder – Grumman Style2:4702/13/18
Front Struts – Grumman Style3:0802/13/18
New Tanis Heater – Grumman Style2:3502/13/18
Windshield in Progress – Grumman Style2:1302/13/18
PHOG Wrench & Elbow Bending – Grumman Style3:1702/10/18
Channel Intro – Grumman Style1:2202/8/18
What’s Your Color – Grumman Style2:2302/8/18
Molokini Crater Snorkel and Turtletown – Grumman Style29:1302/7/18
Let There Be Whales – Grumman Style2:1402/7/18
Maui Ocean Center and Aquarium – Grumman Style16:3902/7/18
National Gathering at 7S5, June 2018 – Grumman Style5:0702/7/18
Manta Ray at Turtletown, Maui – Grumman Style1:2702/7/18
Pacific Helicopter Tour – Part 4 – Grumman Style18:2502/7/18
Pacific Helicopter Tour – Part 3 – Grumman Style19:0202/7/18
Pacific Helicopter Tour – Part 2 – Grumman Style19:1402/7/18
Engine Cooling Issues – Grumman Style3:4902/7/18
TR2:AA1B Engine Compartment – Grumman Style3:2502/7/18
Pacific Helicopter Tour – Part 1 – Grumman Style13:1202/7/18
Wrench & Elbow Bending, Maui, HI – Grumman Style2:3002/7/18
Cheetah Engine Compartment – Grumman Style3:1002/7/18
Baffle Seal & Hose Issues – Grumman Style5:5602/7/18
Cheetah at PHOG Hawaii – Grumman Style6:0002/7/18
TR2 AA1B at PHOG Hawaii – Grumman Style4:2502/7/18
Wing Root Seal Anchoring – Grumman Style2:2502/7/18
Fuel Leaks and Corrosion – Grumman Style3:5002/7/18
Nate Volk’s TR2 – Grumman Style17:2702/6/18
Master and Slave Brake Cylinder Rebuild – Grumman Style33:2102/6/18
News Tidbits – Grumman Style2:0501/17/18
Fuel Drain Leak – Grumman Style3:1801/14/18
Paint Touchup Tip – Grumman Style4:2301/11/18
Canopy Seal Profiles – Grumman Style3:2301/11/18
Double Bead Seal Install – Grumman Style12:2601/10/18
Canopy Seal Install – Grumman Style12:5901/09/18
FreshAero LED Lights – Grumman Style2:1001/09/18
Wrong Windshield Trimming – Grumman Style2:4101/09/18
Fuselage Emblem Placement – Grumman Style2:3401/09/18
Fuselage Emblems – Grumman Style2:3401/08/18
Patches From History – Grumman Style2:3001/07/18
USB Port Mounting – Grumman Style3:0701/07/18
World’s Slowest Oil – Grumman Style2:2201/06/18
Tracking A Clue – Grumman Style3:4401/06/18
Canopy Seals – Grumman Style2:3901/06/18
Midtank Rib Leak – Grumman Style3:4001/05/18
N28678 Chronicle – Grumman Style3:5001/04/18
Mike’s Tiger Project – Grumman Style2:2801/04/18
Smoking Rivets and Fretting – Grumman Style3:0101/04/18
Missing Cover Plate – Grumman Style1:5101/04/18
Fuel Leaks and Stains – Grumman Style2:5101/04/18
Cheetah Flight – Grumman Style5:0612/29/17
Cargo Mode – Grumman Style2:5512/29/17
Canopy Inspection – Grumman Style4:5712/29/17
Wheel Fairings – Grumman Style2:5412/29/17
Christmas Treat – Grumman Style2:5812/24/17
End of an Era – Grumman Style3:5312/14/17
V-Strut Fairing Install – Grumman Style7:0212/02/17
Electronic Spark Plug Tip – Grumman Style2:5312/01/17
Tiger Air Filter Pie Pans – Grumman Style3:2311/30/17
Wheel Felt Seal – Grumman Style2:4411/30/17
Magneto Gear Pulling – Grumman Style6:5611/30/17
Empty Compass Card – Grumman Style2:5311/29/17
Rear Vent Filter Clean – Grumman Style2:5811/29/17
Frozen Strut Removal – Grumman Style2:5711/29/17
Worn Baffle Seals – Grumman Style3:1311/29/17
Propeller Dynamic Balance – Grumman Style5:0911/22/17
Propeller Field Dressing – Grumman Style7:4511/22/17
Propeller Overhaul – Grumman Style16:5211/22/17
Tiger Fuel Tank Leaks – Grumman Style4:2311/21/17
Grumman Center Spars – Grumman Style3:3411/21/17
Specialty Fixtures – Grumman Style3:0511/21/17
Piston Skirt Scuffing – Grumman Style2:4111/21/17
Bulkhead Spade Connector – Grumman Style3:1511/21/17
New Traveler Emblems – Grumman Style4:0611/17/17
Electronic Ignition Install – Grumman Style7:5911/14/17
Sale – Electronic Ignition – Grumman Style2:4511/03/17
New Left Panel – Grumman Style4:1311/03/17
Tiger Road Trip – Grumman Style2:3510/29/17
4-Place Wing Removal – Grumman Style8:1310/25/17
Powerflow Classic Look to Short Stack – Grumman Style11:4610/24/17
Tiger Windshield Prep – Grumman Style7:3810/24/17
Equipment List & Maintenance Issues – Grumman Style32:2610/24/17
Ruth Ranch 1989 – Grumman Style16:0110/24/17
Ruth Ranch 1985 – Grumman Style38:2010/24/17
Cleveland Brake Caliper – Grumman Style3:1410/23/17
Front Fork Grease Nipple – Grumman Style2:0610/22/17
Instructions for Continued Airworthiness per Powerflow – Grumman Style3:2610/21/17
Advantage UREM37BY Spark Plugs – Grumman Style2:1710/21/17
Stuck Exhaust Tip – Grumman Style5:1310/19/17
Compass Correction Card – Grumman Style2:4010/18/17
FUN – Towing a Tiger – Grumman Style2:5010/18/17
New Air Exit Ramps – Grumman Style10:3010/17/17
Removing Brake Disc Corrosion – Grumman Style3:2110/17/17
New Brake Pad Break In – Grumman Style3:0910/17/17
Bob Steward On Grummans – Grumman Style56:0810/17/17
Windshield Bow Rebonding – Grumman Style44:0110/17/17
Split Nosebowl How To – Grumman Style1:05:0110/17/17
Vertical Card vs Wet Compass – Grumman Style2:5910/15/17
Magnetic Compass Swing – Grumman Style8:3310/15/17
ELT Battery Change – Grumman Style5:5810/15/17
Gear Leg Rubber Install – Grumman Style7:5810/14/17
Easy Cleaning Solution – Grumman Style3:3310/13/17
AN Flare Dressing – Grumman Style3:2710/13/17
Pumping Up Brakes – Grumman Style3:2810/13/17
Brake Line Change – Grumman Style3:2210/13/17
Gear Leg Rubber Removal – Grumman Style3:5510/13/17
Gear Leg + Brake Line – Grumman Style2:2710/13/17
ELT Placards Legal Issues – Grumman Style2:4110/10/17
ELT Function Checks – Grumman Style2:2110/10/17
Rear Seats Air Vents – Grumman Style4:3110/9/17
Plexiglass Restoration – Grumman Style11:1710/8/17
Black Windshield Stripe Redo – Grumman Style5:4410/8/17
Clipped Ailerons (NO!) – Grumman Style2:1110/3/17
Silicone Window Bead – Grumman Style1:5110/3/17
Rudder Trim Tab – Grumman Style2:5110/3/17
Countersink Rivet Tool – Grumman Style2:2810/3/17
Plexiglass Window Tips – Grumman Style2:3710/3/17
Canopy Window Prep – Grumman Style2:4410/3/17
New Canopy Window Hardware – Grumman Style2:2210/3/17
Canopy Window Install – Grumman Style3:3010/3/17
Before & After Glass – Grumman Style2:0110/3/17
Cloudy Windshield – Grumman Style1:3510/2/17
B3-5-1 Garter Vacuum Filter – Grumman Style1:4610/2/17
Rear Window Removal – Grumman Style3:1410/2/17
Lycoming Dry Tappet Clearance – Grumman Style2:3510/2/17
Glareshield Redo – Grumman Style2:0310/2/17
Cloudy Rear Windows – Grumman Style1:4310/2/17
Canopy Window Removal – Grumman Style2:1210/2/17
Rope Caulk For Windows – Grumman Style2:0510/2/17
Exterior Silicone Window Seal – Grumman Style2:1910/2/17
Black Windshield Stripe – Grumman Style1:3810/1/17
Rudder Brake Hoses – Grumman Style2:2310/1/17
Front Axle Bits – Grumman Style3:3410/1/17
Pneumatic Riveters – Grumman Style2:2610/1/17
Cherry Max Riveter – Grumman Style2:2010/1/17
Window Sealants – Grumman Style2:3410/1/17
LP Plastic Window Polishes – Grumman Style2:3610/1/17
LP Aero Plastic Polishes and Micro Mesh – Grumman Style2:5410/1/17
Cleveland Brake Discs – Grumman Style2:4310/1/17
2-Place Fuel Tanks – Grumman Style2:189/29/17
Trashed Cylinder Part II – Grumman Style3:279/27/17
Cheetah – Tiger Trim Actuator – Grumman Style3:009/27/17
Main Gear Shims – Grumman Style2:089/27/17
AN Washer Overview – Grumman Style3:189/27/17
AN Large Washer Overview – Grumman Style2:019/27/17
AN Nut Overview – Grumman Style3:049/27/17
Lycoming Cylinder Fins – Grumman Style2:339/25/17
AN Bolt Overview – Grumman Style3:059/25/17
Fuel Access Cover Removal – Grumman Style3:059/22/17
Muffler Flame Tube – Grumman Style3:179/22/17
Honeycomb Bobbins – Grumman Style2:279/22/17
Carb Heat Valve – Grumman Style2:309/22/17
Carb Heat Box – Grumman Style1:599/22/17
Carb Heat Shroud – Grumman Style2:319/22/17
Oil Temp Shroud – Grumman Style2:339/22/17
Glove Box – Grumman Style2:129/22/17
Fuel Sight Gauges – Grumman Style2:089/22/17
Brake Cylinders – Grumman Style2:059/22/17
Grumman Gear Legs – Grumman Style2:319/22/17
Special Bushing Tip – Grumman Style3:369/21/17
Fixing Smoking Rivets – Grumman Style2:109/21/17
Flush Drain Leak Fix – Grumman Style2:419/21/17
Trashed Cylinder – Grumman Style1:569/21/17
2-Place Canopy – Grumman Style3:029/19/17
Left and Right Magnetos – Grumman Style2:549/19/17
2-Place Canopy Pieces – Grumman Style3:059/19/17
USB Charging Ports – Grumman Style2:389/19/17
Smoking Rivets – Grumman Style2:219/19/17
Primer Cleaning – Grumman Style2:329/16/17
Rocker Cover Gaskets – Grumman Style2:459/16/17
1979 Tiger Fuel Cap Lanyards – Grumman Style2:549/14/17
6 Cylinder Tiger Closeup – Grumman Style5:289/14/17
Bead Clamp Replacement – Grumman Style5:269/7/17
Grumman American Pilot Kit – Grumman Style3:129/6/17
Shock Absorber Bracket Inspection – Grumman Style2:559/5/17
Lycoming Rockers – Grumman Style2:398/29/17
Lycoming Engine Ready for Overhaul – Grumman Style3:588/29/17
Valve Wobble Test – Grumman Style4:028/28/17
Oil Filter Inspection – Grumman Style3:418/26/17
Tiger Crankshaft Look – Grumman Style2:468/26/17
Tiger Propeller Bushings – Grumman Style2:258/26/17
Tiger Engine Data – Grumman Style2:238/17/17
Spinner Backplate Punchout – Grumman Style2:008/16/17
Engine Cooling Comparison – Grumman Style2:228/14/17
Proper Aileron Outboard Stack – Grumman Style2:548/12/17
Wrong Bead Clamps – Grumman Style4:508/11/17
Front Baffle Issue – Grumman Style2:428/11/17
Improper Paint Prep – Grumman Style2:248/11/17
Fixed Alternator Door Leak – Grumman Style1:598/11/17
Bead Clamp Styles – Grumman Style2:228/11/17
Aileron Throw Issues – Grumman Style2:518/11/17
Aileron Outboard Stack – Grumman Style3:128/11/17
Tiger Cooling Issues – Grumman Style3:358/10/17
Failed Exit Ramps – Grumman Style2:008/10/17
Missing Latch Pin Grommets – Grumman Style1:588/10/17
Missing Aileron Plugs – Grumman Style2:068/10/17
New Landing Light Cover – Grumman Style2:178/10/17
New Exit Ramps – Grumman Style2:308/10/17
Vacuum Pump Introduction – Grumman Style3:198/9/17
Magnetos – A Look Inside – Grumman Style3:278/9/17
Introduction to Magnetos – Grumman Style3:098/9/17
Failed Fiberglass Repair – Grumman Style2:388/8/17
Tiger Lord Mount – Grumman Style3:468/7/17
Cabin Waco Startup – Grumman Style1:298/3/17
Receive Tube Inspection – Grumman Style4:068/2/17
Cowl Plug Hint – Grumman Style3:358/2/17
Piston Pin Tool – Grumman Style5:217/27/17
Tiger Engine Pull – Grumman Style3:557/27/17
Cheap Tail Support – Grumman Style2:187/27/17
Landing Light Cover – Grumman Style5:097/22/17
Landing Light Issues – Grumman Style2:337/22/17
It Went Wrong Here – Grumman Style2:397/22/17
Canopy Seal Installation – Grumman Style4:027/13/17
Grumman Tiger Annual From Hell – Grumman Style2:26:257/12/17
Nav Lense Replacement – Grumman Style43:43:007/12/17
Fuel Selector Rebuild – Grumman Style4:107/12/17
Nose Torque Tube Issues – Grumman Style5:427/8/17
B25 Takeoff KHAO – Grumman Style1:367/8/17
Fuel Tank Access Cover Seal – Grumman Style10:006/28/17
Fuel Tank Problems – Grumman Style5:546/28/17
Exhaust Stud Repair – Grumman Style2:516/28/17
Elevator Torque Tube Repair – Grumman Style3:556/20/17
Custom Nose Seal – Grumman Style3:146/17/17
Cleveland Wheel Halves – Grumman Style2:346/15/17
ElectroAir Visits GPA – Grumman Style1:50:407/14/17
GPA Pool Party – Grumman Style3:297/14/17
GPA Formation Flying – Grumman Style6:387/14/17
Brief But Sincere Rain – Grumman Style2:087/14/17
Tiger With Many Problems – Grumman Style1:25:417/13/17
Cylinder Replacement Gone Bad – Grumman Style23:317/12/17
Air Vent Install – Grumman Style16:186/12/17
Measuring Control Surface Throws – Grumman Style20:356/12/17
Hangar Party – Grumman Style15:576/12/17
6-Cylinder Takeoff – Grumman Style4:236/12/17
Canopy Back On – Grumman Style3:276/11/17
3rd Wrenchg Bending Bad Parts – Grumman Style50:52:006/11/17
Dry to Wet Vacuum Pump Change – Grumman Style18:496/11/17
Under Cylinder Baffle Modification – Grumman Style1:556/11/17
Tiger Elevator Mismatch – Grumman Style6:026/11/17
Dynamic Prop Balance – Grumman Style15:046/10/17
Third Wrench Bending Part 4 – Grumman Style9:166/10/17
Third Wrench Bending Part 3 – Grumman Style43:59:006/10/17
Third Wrench Bending Part 2 – Grumman Style3:496/10/17
Start of Third Wrench Bending – Grumman Style3:116/10/17
Arm Rest Issue – Grumman Style2:516/8/17
Twist on Loose Seat Bracket – Grumman Style3:396/6/17
Cleanliness is Next to Airworthiness – Grumman Style2:236/5/17
Frozen Front Strut – Grumman Style4:166/5/17
Baffle Repair Continued – Grumman Style2:246/2/17
Cooling Issues Front Baffles – Grumman Style2:376/1/17
Muffler and Exhaust Issues – Grumman Style3:426/1/17
Theory of Propeller Dynamic Balance – Grumman Style2:415/27/17
Magneto Ignition Harness – Grumman Style2:225/27/17
Main Fairing Bracket Redo – Grumman Style2:385/26/17
Cowling Pin Springs & Grommets – Grumman Style3:045/18/17
Dynamically Balancing a Propeller – Grumman Style4:315/15/17
Jim Bede Speaks – 1985 – Grumman Style1:05:135/10/17
Pulling the Front Strut – Grumman Style1:585/9/17
Jim Bede – The Guy Who Started It All – Grumman Style1:595/5/17
Propeller Tornado – Grumman Style1:405/5/17
Cheetah Airbox Trick – Grumman Style2:365/5/17
Surgery on a Failed Starter Relay – Grumman Style1:485/4/17
Fuel Tank Cover Seal – Grumman Style7:575/4/17
Symptom VS Disease – Grumman Style2:275/4/17
Decoding Fuel and Oil Hose Tags – Grumman Style3:004/30/17
Vibration Metal Wear – Grumman Style2:094/27/17
Vent Line Maintenance – Grumman Style2:034/27/17
Master and Starter Relay Change – Grumman Style2:364/27/17
Front Wheel Maintenance – Grumman Style14:414/27/17
Loose Seat Bracket 4-Place – Grumman Style2:404/26/17
Loose Flap Switch Handle – Grumman Style2:274/26/17
AirModsNW Aux Fuel System – Grumman Style2:424/26/17
Traveler Landing Light Cover – Grumman Style2:014/25/17
Leaking Fuel Sender – Grumman Style1:534/25/17
Flap Install Trick – Grumman Style1:514/25/17
75 Traveler Restoration – Grumman Style1:51:444/25/17
Nose Fork Bearing Replacement – Grumman Style21:464/24/17
Mitchell Gauges – Grumman Style3:104/24/17
Lifetime vs 10 Year Hoses – Grumman Style2:094/24/17
Adel Clamp Pliers 2 – Grumman Style2:424/24/17
4-Place Step Peg Plugs – Grumman Style2:534/24/17
2018 Gathering Preview – Grumman Style2:444/24/17
406 Artex ELT Install – Grumman Style3:264/24/17
Ignition Lead Issues – Grumman Style2:035/15/17
Fuel Pump Safety Wire – Grumman Style1:484/15/17
Electronic Ignition Lead Bridging – Grumman Style1:334/15/17
Baffle Wear Issue – Grumman Style1:554/15/17
Fuselage Hole Plugs – Grumman Style2:074/13/17
Fuel Tank Placards – Grumman Style1:574/13/17
Fuel Drain Placards – Grumman Style1:444/13/17
1979 Fuel Cap Lanyards – Grumman Style2:074/13/17
Tiger Main Oil Suction Screen – Grumman Style1:504/12/17
Tiger Main Oil Suction Screen – Grumman Style2:464/10/17
Forward Spinner Bulkhead Cracking – Grumman Style2:044/10/17
MT Propeller – Grumman Style2:274/7/17
Aileron Droop Rigging – Grumman Style2:565/5/17
Exhaust Gasket Trick – Grumman Style1:545/5/17
Signs of Cylinder Distress – Grumman Style2:203/28/17
Who Wants a Muffler Fire – Grumman Style2:493/28/17
Fuel Tank Panel Issues – Grumman Style3:113/24/17
The Rarest Grumman – The AA@/Patriot – Grumman Style10:523/24/17
Skin Rivets for Delamination – Grumman Style1:283/23/17
Installing New Canopy Plastics – Grumman Style14:433/23/17
Rollout Of First AGAC Tiger – Grumman Style1:573/23/17
4-Place Cargo mode – Grumman Style1:513/21/17
Historic 2-Place Photos – Grumman Style15:343/20/17
Trip Down A Memory Airway – Grumman Style7:553/20/17
Painting Your Interior Plastic – Grumman Style3:353/16/17
AirModsNW Aux Fuel Install – Grumman Style10:473/14/17
Coming National Gathering KHAO – Grumman Style6:493/14/17
Birth of the GPA – Grumman Style13:243/13/17
Tappet Spall Issues – Grumman Style1:413/13/17
Nose Strut Tip – Grumman Style2:523/12/17
Static System Drain – Grumman Style2:163/12/17
Hidden Flap Bearing Change – Grumman Style2:263/12/17
Grumman Bearing Warmer – Grumman Style1:383/12/17
Flap Reinstall Issue – Grumman Style2:153/12/17
Flap Bearing Change – Grumman Style2:063/12/17
Flap & Aileron Wear Issues – Grumman Style4:593/12/17
Easy Garter Filter Change – Grumman Style3:083/12/17
Custom Cut Nose Fairing Top Seal – Grumman Style4:013/12/17
Cleveland Wheel Bolt Issue – Grumman Style2:223/12/17
Cable Pulley Rotation – Grumman Style1:573/12/17
Baffle Seals Installed – Grumman Style3:243/12/17
Aileron & Elevator Cable Tension – Grumman Style2:163/12/17
Loose Front Seat Brackets – Grumman Style3:593/10/17
New Cowling Exit Ramps – Grumman Style1:503/9/17
Elevator Trim Rebuild – Grumman Style6:503/9/17
Baffle Seal Tips and Tools – Grumman Style3:563/9/17
Single Person Compression Test – Grumman Style2:133/9/17
Safety Wire Basics – Grumman Style4:563/9/17
Magneto Impulse Coupling – Grumman Style2:483/9/17
Lower Rudder Bearing Change – Grumman Style4:513/9/17
Extended Preflight Items – Grumman Style9:563/9/17
Cowling Exit Ramps – Grumman Style2:223/9/17
Tiger Running Hot – Grumman Style5:083/7/17
Fuel Leak Evidence – Grumman Style1:383/7/17
Removing A Cammed Out Screw – Grumman Style2:183/7/17
Lycon Port and Polished Cylinder – Grumman Style2:113/7/17
V Strut Fairing Install – Grumman Style2:223/6/17
Upper Nosebowl Modification – Grumman Style2:393/6/17
EIS Switch and Breakers – Grumman Style2:373/6/17
EIS Ignition Leads – Grumman Style5:563/6/17
Very Bad! Hot Cylinder Evidence – Grumman Style2:033/6/17
Fuse to Circuit Breakers – Grumman Style2:263/6/17
Bleeding Your Brakes – Grumman Style5:583/5/17
EIS Switch Options – Grumman Style3:563/5/17
EIS MTH Install – Grumman Style1:553/4/17
EIS Manifold Install – Grumman Style4:503/4/17
EIS Harness Install – Grumman Style2:183/4/17
EIS Coil Pack Install – Grumman Style3:523/4/17
Front Air Vents – Grumman Style2:213/4/17
Canopy Ride Bumpers – Grumman Style2:583/4/17
Bad Install Issues – Grumman Style3:173/4/17
Canopy Tracks and Rails – Grumman Style8:103/2/17
Canopy Seal Issues – Grumman Style11:193/2/17
4 Place Seat Removal – Grumman Style3:323/2/17
Child Seat Installed – Grumman Style1:593/1/17
Yankee Wingwalk Restore – Grumman Style1:543/1/17
Master Relay Wiring – Grumman Style2:072/28/17
Powerflow Cowling Mod – Grumman Style2:102/28/17
AuCountry Eyebrow – Grumman Style2:032/28/17
Antique David Clark Headsets – Grumman Style2:012/28/17
Adel Clamp Pliers – Grumman Style2:282/28/17
Electronic Ignition Componets – Grumman Style4:002/28/17
The Mysterious 2-Seat Child Seat – Grumman Style3:022/26/17
Nose Fairing Replacement – Grumman Style3:042/25/17
Main Fairing Replacement – Grumman Style4:222/25/17
Main Gear Restoration – Grumman Style2:332/25/17
Panel Restoration – Grumman Style2:172/25/17
Updating Your Interior Look Easy – Grumman Style2:062/25/17
Pulling A Stuck Nose Strut – Grumman Style2:442/24/17
Baffle Seal Issues – Grumman Style3:372/24/17
Split Nosebowl 4-Seater – Grumman Style6:082/24/17
Split Upper Cowling 2-Seater – Grumman Style10:472/23/17
Split Nosebowl 2-Seater – Grumman Style11:052/22/17
Basic Aircraft Exhaust Issues – Grumman Style5:142/21/17
Grumman Flap Switch – Grumman Style2:352/21/17
Bad Flap and Aileron Bearings – Grumman Style2:412/21/17
Grumman Rudder Cable Adjustment – Grumman Style2:502/20/17
Quick Tip for Locking the Rudder – Grumman Style2:022/20/17
Quick Tip for Adjusting the Rudder – Grumman Style1:442/20/17
Installing Grumman Control Bearings – Grumman Style1:222/20/17
Neglected Spots in Aircraft Brake Calipers – Grumman Style2:492/19/17
Grumman Main Fairing Bracket Assembly – Grumman Style2:202/19/17
Useful Products for Aircraft Service – Grumman Style1:542/19/17
Jacking Grumman Main Gear – Grumman Style2:052/19/17
Aircraft Main Wheel Assembly – Grumman Style4:122/19/17
Jacking a Grumman Nose – Grumman Style1:442/18/17
Removing A Grumman Nose Strut – Grumman Style4:582/18/17
Nose Strut Service – Grumman Style3:202/18/17
Aircraft Caliper Rebuild – Grumman Style2:332/18/17
Changing Aircraft Brake Pads – Grumman Style4:482/18/17
Powerflow and Anti-Sieze – Grumman Style3:492/18/17
Scat Tubing Basics – Grumman Style2:252/17/17
VERY BAD – RTV on no-blow Exhaust Gaskets – Grumman Style2:132/17/17
Electric Fuel Pump Filter Clean – Grumman Style2:242/17/17
Spark Plug Painting – Grumman Style2:282/17/17
Spark Plug Rotation – Grumman Style2:102/17/17
Spark Plug Cleaning – Grumman Style2:172/17/17
Annealing Spark Plug Gaskets – Grumman Style2:152/17/17
Aircraft Ignition Leads – Grumman Style2:102/17/17
Oil Filter Install – Grumman Style2:562/17/17
No Mess Oil Filter Change – Grumman Style2:202/17/17
Grumman Cowling Latch Springs – Grumman Style1:452/17/17
Powerflow On A Tiger – Grumman Style2:302/17/17
Aircraft Screws Good vs Bad – Grumman Style2:372/17/17
Vacuum Pump Outflow – Grumman Style3:012/17/17
Tiger Spinner Backplate Punched Out – Grumman Style2:382/17/17
HiRes 1920 x 1080 Video Test – Grumman Style1:382/16/17
Wire Looming Products – Grumman Style3:512/16/17
Oil Filter and Screen – Grumman Style7:282/16/17
Spark Plug Basics – Grumman Style10:452/15/17
Solid SS Tie-Down Rings – Grumman Style2:432/15/17
Century 1 Autopilot Components – Grumman Style2:452/15/17
New Air Vent Kits – Grumman Style2:402/15/17
New Nav Light Lenses – Grumman Style4:002/15/17
Vacuum Pump Failure – Grumman Style1:552/15/17
Airspeed Indicators – Grumman Style2:532/15/17
Wheel Bearing Pack – Grumman Style2:502/15/17
Torque Tube Issue – Grumman Style2:462/15/17
Rudder Spring – Grumman Style3:292/15/17
Electric Fuel Pumps – Grumman Style4:302/15/17
Wing Vent Protection – Grumman Style2:332/15/17
Wing Walk – Grumman Style4:242/15/17
Preflight 4-Place – Grumman Style13:052/12/17
Whale Watching Cape Cod 1999 – Grumman Style5:222/12/17
Flying Around Skagway, AK 1999 – Grumman Style48:16:002/12/17
Jim Cox Talks About AGAC 1990 – Grumman Style43:06:002/12/17
Corky Meyer Talks Grumman 1997 – Grumman Style37:54:002/12/17
Tiger Damaged By Very Hard Landing – Grumman Style7:402/12/17
Six-Cylinder Exhaust: One Solution – Grumman Style1:482/11/17
Seat Bottom Modification – Grumman Style4:322/11/17
Cowl Latch Adjustment – Grumman Style2:482/11/17
Rigging Tool Survey – Grumman Style4:402/11/17
Hangar Party 1991 AirModsNW – Grumman Style1:28:162/11/17
Hangar Party 1990 AirModsNW – Grumman Style2:01:072/10/17
Taxi Accident Aftermath – Grumman Style33:02:002/10/17
Main Fairing Install – Grumman Style8:132/10/17
Royalite Plastic Repair – Grumman Style20:202/10/17
FreshAero Easy Lift Jack – Grumman Style2:512/9/17
Main Wheel Fairing Removal – Grumman Style7:482/6/17
Tale of Two Six-Cylinder AA5s – Grumman Style6:152/6/17
Jim Bede Cowl Zipper Story – Grumman Style1:542/6/17
Formation Flying – Wright Brothers 2001 – Grumman Style58:04:002/5/17
Modifications 1985 – Grumman Style1:07:002/5/17
Pearson Flyin 2002 – Grumman Style6:522/5/17
N1330R A Close Look – Grumman Style11:472/5/17
Ruth Ranch 1989 – Grumman Style29:54:003/5/17
Ruth Ranch 1992 – Grumman Style1:13:472/5/17
Tony Owens 1991 Maintenance – Grumman Style1:56:062/5/17
Engine Out – Grumman Style50:22:002/5/17
Firewall Forward, Hints and Tips – Grumman Style54:26:002/4/17
Formation Flying 2001 – Grumman Style20:102/4/17
Formation Flying 1993 – Grumman Style22:052/4/17
Jim Bede Speaks – Grumman Style1:13:532/4/17
Corvette Museum – Grumman Style1:03:202/4/17
Flying Heritage Collection – Grumman Style18:422/4/17
Checklist Attitude – Grumman Style2:292/4/17
Ice Skating in New Orleans – Grumman Style4:092/4/17
Fishing Frenzy Salmon Camp – Vikoda Bay, Alaska – Grumman Style17:582/4/17
Tiger Flying 1989 Checklist Attitude – Grumman Style13:482/2/17
Austin Texas Flying, December 2000Checklist Attitude – Grumman Style13:292/2/17
Texas Flyin 4-4-1992 – Grumman Style6:272/2/17
Pong Dragon – Grumman Style8:212/2/17
Engine Mount Extrusion Repair – Grumman Style43:31:002/2/17
Flying in Alaska – Grumman Style1:21:422/1/17
Locating Wright Brothers Hangar – Visual Data – May 11 – 6:50 am – Grumman Style1:21:301/30/17
Locating Wright Brothers Hangar – Visual Data – May 12 – Grumman Style49:28:001/30/17
Locating Wright Brothers Hangar – Thermal Data – May 12 – Grumman Style49:25:001/29/17
Locating Wright Brothers Hangar – Thermal Data – May 11 – Grumman Style11:541/29/17
Locating Wright Brothers Hangar – Visual Data – May 11 – Grumman Style21:381/29/17
Thermal Flight Testing in a Traveler – Grumman Style28:05:001/29/17
Visual Flight Testing in a Traveler – Grumman Style29:03:001/29/17
Fast Scan ATV in a Traveler – Grumman Style13:471/29/17
5302050-502 Rigging Fixture – Grumman Style3:081/28/17
Camping with Sky Pup – Grumman Style16:351/28/17
Aileron and Flap Issues – Grumman Style3:201/27/17
Replacing Flap Rub Strips – Grumman Style12:301/26/17
Outboard Flap Bracket Tool – Grumman Style2:271/26/17
Installing an Access Port – Grumman Style18:311/23/17
Basic Plastic Work – Grumman Style8:361/23/17
Aileron Bearing Change – Grumman Style3:431/23/17
Flight into Darkness – Grumman Style3:451/22/17
Sealing a Flush Fuel Drain – Grumman Style2:001/22/17
Flying to Alaska – Grumman Style56:27:001/20/17
Rough River 1995 – Grumman Style24:06:001/19/17
Eagle Capture – Grumman Style32:51:001/19/17
NASA Spin Testing – Yankee AA1-0001 – Grumman Style5:121/19/17
Cody Wedding – Grumman Style19:461/17/17
Aircraft LifT – Grumman Style5:041/17/17
Fuel Transfer – Grumman Style2:441/17/17
Hawk Strike Dent Repair – Grumman Style59:51:001/17/17
Fred Kokaska – Sabertooth Tiger – Grumman Style47:58:0010/18/16
Grumman Tooling 1996 Part 2 – Grumman Style50:02:0010/17/16
Grumman Tooling 1996 Part 1 – Grumman Style52:05:0010/16/16
AmeroMods – Wing Dent Repair – Grumman Style32:40:0010/16/16
AGAC 1989 – The Beginning – Grumman Style31:04:0010/16/16
Countersunk Screws – Grumman Style4:4010/16/16
AmeroMods Wing Install – Grumman Style8:2910/16/16
AmeroMods Sheet Metal – Grumman Style12:4410/16/16
AGAC Rollout 1990 – Grumman Style53:54:0010/14/16
Grumman Pilots – Alternator Door Leak – Grumman Style0:1910/8/17
Grumman Pilots – Pong Dragon Engine – Grumman Style3:0510/7/17
Grumman Pilots – Polish Snowplow – Grumman Style3:1510/7/17
Grumman Pilots – Paint2:2010/7/17
Grumman Pilots – Yankee Extrusion Repair43:04:0010/7/17
Grumman Pilots – Wing Repair Bird Strike54:09:0010/6/17
Grumman Pilots – Whelen Orion 500 Strobe0:108/24/16